A day in a biohacker’s life

Or in other words: taking medicinal mushrooms into your daily routine. Biohacking can be described as ‘do-it-yourself biology’ to optimise human performance. For many biohackers, this is made up with small, gradual lifestyle changes to make small improvements in your health and well-being.

We all know how important a healthy morning routine is to get the best out of our days. Adding a few ’biohacking’ tricks to perk up your body and mind can really make all the difference and significantly improve how you feel in your everyday life!

Drinking the right thing at the right time of day. Always start your day off with water, your body will thank you for that.

Most of us love coffee first things in the morning. Did you know that people here in Finland drink more coffee per capita than anywhere in the world? On average Finns drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day. Talk about stomach acidity and the jitters! So, for that morning coffee we like to add chaga. Adding mushrooms in your morning drink is such a simple trick to add more benefits in your morning routine and the starting day. Buy chaga!


Many of us are living hectic lives juggling with multiple things at work as well as at home. To keep the focus and alertness can be a task itself sometimes. To avoid that afternoon crash we like to do a short meditation or take a brief walk outside, which will give a needed boost for the brain and the mind. Just before a meeting we like to drop a pipette full of lion's mane straight under the tongue or in our afternoon tea. Buy Lion's mane!


During the winter season we like to add shiitake in our daily routine to keep the winter blues away. Dropping a pipettes full of shiitake straight under the tongue or in our favourite drink makes sure to keep our wellbeing steady over the season and helps us to avoid the cold. Buy Shiitake!


Another small yet important addition to one's daily life is to have an evening routine. To calm down after a hectic day is crucial for next day's wellbeing. We love to add reishi in our evening routine. It's amazing when added in some hot chocolate or tea, or taken straight under the tongue. Buy Reishi!


Biohacker's special

We have renewed the popular biohacker’s special collection, which now consists of chaga, reishi, lion’s mane and shiitake.

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