Extraction 2.0 - Why do we extract?

Mushrooms need an elaborate extraction process to make their Compounds of Interest bioavailable. That’s because mushroom cell walls are made of chitin, a natural fibrous substance generally considered to be indigestible in the human gut. For example, if non-extracted mushroom powder was consumed, most of the compounds would pass right through the human digestive tract. 

However, behind those chitin walls lies valuable components that are beneficial to our health. Although cooking can help to pull out some of the medicinal properties, there is one method of preparation that enables the most optimal bioavailability of medicinal mushroom compounds: extraction.

By certain extraction methods for each species of mushroom, the Compounds of Interest become bioavailable. Extraction also allows us to concentrate the Compounds of Interest for our mushroom tinctures. Therefore, extracting is fundamental in creating an effective mushroom supplement. So, by carefully extracting mushrooms, we are making sure they become bioavailable to humans and have an active effect once digested.

The Compounds of Interest for KÄÄPÄ Health are the compounds clinically shown to evoke health promoting effects, such as β-(1,3)-(1,6)-D-glucans, or simply beta-glucans.


Why are we extracting the way we are extracting?

At KÄÄPÄ Health we are using industry leading Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction (UAE) technology to produce pure and potent mushroom extracts. 

The benefits of using the UAE method is to optimise the bioavailability of the compounds of interest in mushrooms. This new technology increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the extraction process.

UAE also allows us to extract at lower temperatures which is beneficial for heat sensitive compounds. Heat is needed to extract certain compounds but too much heat can also destroy other important compounds. Increasing the extraction effectiveness with UAE while decreasing the heat allows us to produce a more potent, wider spectrum mushroom extracts.



In combination with UAE, our extraction protocols use traditional extraction processes as well. All mushrooms require hot water and many are also followed by ethyl alcohol extraction. The hot water releases the water soluble compounds and the alcohol extract dissolves the chitin to release the non water soluble compounds. In UAE, a very high frequency shockwave (also called acoustic cavitation) is used in assistance to break down the mushroom cell walls and release the compounds of interest without damaging the compounds. This not only dramatically increases the yield of the compounds of interest but also decreases the time needed for extraction. 

Our focus with UAE technology is to produce the most potent mushroom supplement on the market through understanding and applying the latest research techniques and technology in mushroom extraction.


Our extraction 2.0 includes ultrasonic assisted extraction (UAE) which ensures the bioavailability of the Compounds of Interest. Mushroom cell walls are made of chitin which is indigestible by humans and without an extraction process the Compounds of Interest are locked  within the mushroom cell wall.