Fruiting body vs myceliated grain

As medicinal mushrooms are becoming more popular, there are a lot of new brands emerging in the market, and not all of them are equal. We find it is vital to educate people about this; as not many know about the issue with myceliated grain supplements.

Many companies are using certains buzz words such as ’full spectrum’ or ’ mycelial biomass’, distracting consumers from seeing what is in their supplements. Some companies may be labelling their products as mushrooms, when in fact they’re just myceliated grain.

Therefore it is essential to discuss the differences between fruiting bodies and myceliated grain in mushroom supplements. We like to use the apple pie metaphor when comparing mushroom supplements.

The fruiting body is the mushroom itself, a bit like an apple from an apple tree. Mycelium is the vegetative part of the fungi which consist of delicate branching hyphae, a bit like the root system of a tree and the growing substrate is like the soil that the tree needs to grow on.


Are you using twigs and roots in your apple pie?

Didn’t think so! You wouldn’t want to use starchy grains in your supplements either, but rather save those for your breakfast cereals.

Exactly as you would want to have your apple pie made out of apples and not twigs and roots, you want your mushroom supplements to be made out of fruiting bodies only.

In many cases myceliated grain products contain only dried grains and mycelium, and more often than not, no mushrooms are used in creating those types of ‘mushroom’ supplements.


So, as we know that some mushroom supplements are made of myceliated grain, we encourage you to choose your mushroom supplement critically.

Myceliated grain based supplements are not bad for your health, but they lack the benefits and potency compared to fruiting bodies based supplements. The majority of scientific studies are based on the mushroom fruiting bodies and that is where all the good stuff lies.

What makes KÄÄPÄ Health unique is that our mushrooms are grown locally here in Finland. We then produce them into functional tinctures in our mushroom factory in Karjalohja, Southern Finland, so you can be sure what is in our tinctures. That’s 100% fruiting bodies only.