Mushrooms are essential for forests to thrive, and if you haven’t noticed yet, we at KÄÄPÄ Health take mushrooms seriously. We believe using mushroom biotechnology, we can help ecosystems recover while making great products for everyone!

It all starts with finding a suitable mushroom in the wild and cloning it in our mycological laboratory in Mustio, Finland.

Once the mushroom strain is
isolated on a petri dish, and after some magic by our Production Director Lorin it’s introduced to the forest. Here you can see our team
inoculating a birch forest with chaga mushroom.

Forest owners in Finland are our true heroes of the story. With them we work with hundreds of hectares of forests to enable a truly transparent ecosystem for our mushroom production.

In our own certified organic outdoor mushroom farm in Karjalohja, Finland, we work with thousands of mostly birch logs and tens of mushroom strains.

KÄÄPÄ Health team

(You read all this way, and no funguy jokes were used)