Finland is an ideal location for outdoor cultivation of mushrooms

Purest air ever measured (1), and best water quality in the world (2) guarentees high quality mushrooms. As consumers are getting more educated about medicinal mushrooms and products made from them, companies will need to be able to answer questions like:

where do your mushrooms come from?

We wholesale Finnish grown, EU certified organic chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) and cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) in various forms.

KÄÄPÄ Health manages a network of forest owners that cultivate chaga mushrooms in live birch trees. By the year 2024 our production is 140,000 kilos per year. Our ability to control the supply chain, and have a fully traceable supply network is designed for companies looking for a trustworthy and safe supplier for organic chaga mushroom.

KÄÄPÄ mushroom farm

Our outdoor mushroom growing farm, KÄÄPÄ farm has close to 10.000 logs growing various medicinal and edible mushrooms. It’s situated in a birch forest in southern Finland. Our farm functions as a test laboratory: we test species, strains, and growing methods for our mushroom growing network.

Cordyceps cultivation

Our cordyceps militaris production wholesales EU certified organic cordyceps. We produce and use only the fruiting bodies.

We are the world’s largest producer of chaga

  • With our Forest Services division we manage over 100 hectares of cultivated chaga forests in Finland.
  • The chaga here is grown just like it does in the wild on living birch trees in the forest.
  • The advantage over wild grown chaga is we control the strain, and hence the high medicinal quality.
  • Production will start 2023. For now we wholesale organic wild-foraged chaga from Lapland, Finland.

Certified for EU organic

KÄÄPÄ Health’s production is certified for EU organic. The wild foraged chaga comes from organic forests in Lapland - far from pollutants.

Chaga info

You know that chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is one of the most powerful mushrooms on the planet, but did you know that it contains the following medicinal compounds? (3)

trametenolic acids
ergosterol peroxide

Chaga mushroom has been used by Northern European cultures as early as the 16th century for its role in cancer treatment and general disease management through its extremely high antioxidant properties.

Nordic Mushrooms

Air, soil, water

Mushroom growing outdoors need suitable environment to thrive. Luckily Finland excels in all elements needed by mushrooms: air, soil, and water. WHO measured the purest air in Lapland, Finland, and Finnish water is said to be the best water in the World by UNESCO. As mushrooms are prone to collecting heavy metals,
radiation, and pollutants from the surroundings, we take this seriously. All of our products go through third party testing.


When it comes to mushrooms, the further North you go, the more potent mushrooms’ medicinal compounds get (link to study). Finland's long and harsh winters force plants and fungi to utilize the short summers to the fullest. This makes a unique touch to Finnish outdoor grown food products. It’s also been studied chaga from Finland contains the most potent compounds.

Fruiting bodies

We don’t skimp on the good stuff! KÄÄPÄ Health only uses mushroom fruiting bodies*, and we don’t sell mycelium-based products.

What are those, you might ask? Fruiting body is the above ground actual mushroom, and mycelium is the underground root network of mushroom. We believe you can’t rush great quality, and while mycelium can be cultivated in laboratory conditions and claimed as mushroom, it can lack those good-for-you compounds you are after (like polysaccharides, triterpines, and others).

When buying mushroom products, we urge you to make sure you get what you actually want.

*except for chaga, as it’s conk is technically not a fruiting body but a sclerotium that has mycelium inside it.

Organic farm

Our outdoors mushroom farm and products are certified organic! We use mostly birch logs to cultivate reishi, maitake, shiitake, turkey tail mushrooms - just to name a few. Logs take long time to fruit, but are famous for producing the most potent fruiting bodies. Again - we don’t make shortcuts to rush Nature!