Privacy Policy

    1. Register holder:

      KÄÄPÄ Biotech Ltd
      Teilinummentie 4 09120 Karjalohja Finland

        2. The purpose of the register:

          Personal information is collected for the purposes of customer relations management. The basis for handling personal information is justified based on the customer relationship and legal obligations.

            3. The basis for collecting and handling personal information:

              The justification for collecting and handling information is the consent by the party in question. 

                4. The collected information:

                  Information you provide about yourself like your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, and payment information.

                  You are able to select whether you want to receive marketing information from KÄÄPÄ Health or not on your Shopify account. You can also send an email to and notify that you wish not to receive marketing information from us. 

                  For more information:

                  5. The duration of the storage of the information

                    The information is stored for the duration of the customer relationship and as long as we are legally obligated to hold the information.

                      6. Information is collected in the register

                        From the parties themselves and via analytics tools, such as Google Analytics. 

                          7. Information transfer in the EU or outside EU

                            KÄÄPÄ Biotech does not transfer information outside the European Union. Information is not regularly handed over to parties outside of the organization, except for Shopify and Paypal. Please see the privacy policy of Shopify and PayPal for more information.  Some analytics tools may collect or transfer information outside of the EU. 

                              8. Cookies

                                The website uses cookies. Cookies are small files sent to and saved in the website user’s computer. Cookies make it possible for the website administrator to recognize frequent website users and to conduct visitor information analysis. Based on this, the website can be constantly improved. Cookies do not harm the website users’ computers or files.

                                In case the website user does not accept the previously mentioned procedures, it is possible to select this in the web browser. This can be usually done in the web browser settings. However, the functioning of the website requires accepting cookies, so by not allowing cookies may affect the user experience on the website.

                                  9. Register protection

                                    The information collected is only accessible to the staff members of the organisation who require the information in their position.

                                      10. Automated individual decision-making, including profiling

                                        Automated individual decision making and profiling (under article 22 of the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) is not done on the website. 

                                          11. The rights of the registered users

                                            The registered users have the right to know what information has been collected of them in the register. A written and signed request of the information is to be sent to KÄÄPÄ Biotech.

                                            The registered user has the right to request the correction of incorrect or outdated information. The user also has the right to limit or object the use of handling personal information according to Articles 18 and 21 of the GDPR.

                                            The registered users have the right to cancel the previously given permission for collecting and handling data and make a complaint to the Data protection ombudsman.

                                            Please note that the right to cancel previously given permission for the collection and handling of data only apply in case if KÄÄPÄ Biotech Ltd does not have legal obligations for storing and handling the data.