Open position - Kääpä Farm Manager

Job description summary:  / Initial Job Details

For the biggest outdoor medicinal mushroom farm in europe we are looking for a person that will lead a team during the inoculation season (april/may) and manage the harvesting and processing of the mushrooms the rest of the year.

Our current farm in Karjalohja holds around 7.000 x 1m logs that have mushrooms growing on them and we will add another 4.000 this year. At the moment we are growing 12 different species at our farm with the primary mushroom species being Shiitake, Reishi and Lion's mane that we use for our products  at Kääpä health. 

The position starts on  the 16th of March. 

The work will be 40h a week.

Job duties:

  • Lead a team of employes to inoculate birch logs with mushrooms and organise them on the farm
  • Create growing plans
  • Monitor the logs over the season and keeping them in good shape 
  • Keep the farm clean and organised
  • Harvest and process mushrooms. 
  • Create and improve growing protocols
  • Hold farm tours
  • Assist in managing the farms in our growing network

Required skills and qualifications:

  • Fluent in English 
  • No previous knowledge about mushroom growing is required but is a plus. 
  • Interest in growing mushrooms and to learn more about the topic
  • Previous farm experience and ability to move around heavy objects
  • Attention to detail when needed, and overview focus when needed
  • Autonomy and self management skills are a plus 
  • For more info see - ( 

Salary & benefits:

All employees at KÄÄPÄ Biotech will start with 12 euros per hour full time positions.  5 weeks of vacation is earned during the 1st year and given then during the 2nd - standard Finnish policy.  All employees receive a discount on products as well as free mushroom extracts to keep you healthy.

About KÄÄPÄ Biotech, KÄÄPÄ Health, and Suomen Agrometsä :

We are a startup committed to making both humans and ecosystems more healthy with the use of fungi.  We take a biotech vision when designing solutions. We are the largest cultivator of chaga mushroom, have our own extraction product line for both consumers and businesses, and we closely work on bringing to market cutting edge research.  Our company culture is demanding, fast paced at times and relaxed at times, research focused, open, inclusive, and forward thinking. We expect the most out of people who join our existing 10 person team.


Please send your resume, a one page cover letter stating why you want this job, and any other details to by 15th of February, 2020.