Open position - Shipping and Receiving Manager / Production Assistant

Job description summary:

As the main person to be responsible for shipping and receiving, you will be handling and packing outgoing products from our KÄÄPÄ factory. You will also be the person to receive the incoming orders, place the supplies in the appropriate storage and take care of the needed documentation; including inventory management as well as ordering more supplies when necessary. Lastly, this position includes assisting in the production and packaging of Kaapa Health products including; liquid extracts, extract powders and other products when time allows. In the fall you will be assisting more in production as shipping and receiving needs decline over fall and winter..


Job duties:

  • Pack and ship incoming orders and other shipments, write delivery notes and shipping labels as well as make sure that the inventory lists for each product stays up to date. Order pick-up for delivery or take the parcels to Posti.
  • Receive incoming shipments and other material, place them in right storage rooms and keep ongoing inventory list for all the material in the storage rooms.
  • Fulfill import/export documentation, and communicate with logistics companies to ensure our shipping and receiving needs are met.
  • Order needed packaging material and other supplies/equipment for the company.
  • Regular cleaning of designated areas within our KÄÄPÄ factory
  • follow protocols set in place to ensure hygiene standards and quality standards are met.
  • Assist with setup and clean up during production of products.
  • Prepare incoming mushrooms for extraction by drying, powdering and packaging.
  • Use production equipment such as a bottling machine, label machine and dehydrators.
  • clean, organize and maintain an orderly working environment.


Required skills and qualifications:

  • Experience in shipping is good but not necessary time and project management skills are very helpful
  • Finnish and English language skills are required
  • An eye for details helps a lot - We want the shipped packages to look and feel good to the customer!
  • Good computer skills and capacity to learn new programs is a must
  • Exceptional problem solving skills - efficiency is key in production
  • Ability to focus on repetitive tasks for long periods of time


Salary & benefits:

All employees at KÄÄPÄ Biotech will start with 12 euros per hour full time positions. 4-5 weeks of vacation is earned during the 1st year and given then during the 2nd - standard Finnish policy. All employees receive a discount on products as well as free mushroom extracts to keep you healthy.


About KÄÄPÄ Biotech, KÄÄPÄ Health, and KÄÄPÄ Forest:

We are a startup committed to making both humans and ecosystems more healthy with the use of fungi. We take a biotech vision when designing solutions. We are the largest cultivator of chaga mushroom, have our own extraction product line for both consumers and b2b sales, and we closely work on bringing to market cutting edge research. Our company culture is demanding, fast paced at times and relaxed at times, research focused, open, inclusive, and forward thinking. We expect the most out of people who join our existing 18 person team.


For more information please contact:

Please send in your cover letter and CV by JULY 17th 2020

KÄÄPÄ Biotech Oy Teilinummentie 4, 09120 Karjalohja, Finland