The Future of Fungi is Finland - T-shirt
The Future of Fungi is Finland - T-shirt
The Future of Fungi is Finland - T-shirt

The Future of Fungi is Finland - T-shirt

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Wow!  Show your pride of the all the great work we do here in Finland in regards to mushroom research, product development, education, innovation, and pushing limits!  Finland is the ecosystem where mushrooms are getting the attention they deserve.  We have so many people and organizations to thank!


YOU!  - Yes you -  Thanks for visiting this page and supporting the fungi movement!

Suomen AgroMetsa - is our Forest Services division that works with over 100 forest owners in Finland to grow us our chaga and reishi.  We have developed a technique where we can finally bring chaga to the same level as the other great medicinal mushrooms by controlling for the strain.  So now strain variability is taken out of the equation.

Luke (National Research Institute Finland) - has a well focused and funded fungi research department where Taina Pennanen is working to more deeply understand the role that mycorrhizal fungi play in the Boreal forest ecosystem, Henri Vanhanen has developed the original research body on how to grow chaga in live birch forests, Jarko Hantula is researching some incredible biotech applications for forest pathogen control, and many other exciting fungal applications.

UPM - is working together with us (Suomen AgroMetsa), Luke, and the University of Helsinki to reintroduce rare and endangered mushroom species back into the forest.  We produced around 250,000 dowels for this project of rare and endangered species of wood decomposing fungi that Reijo Penttila from Luke put into dead wood around UPM's forests.

ProAgria - is promoting growing both chaga (Inonotus obliquus) and reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) in the Finnish Forest to farmers and forest owners.

VTT - is using large scale bioreactors to develop strains of fungi that can filter out heavy metals for commercial uses.  They are also developing a reishi leather.

Helsieni - has developed a technique to grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds and sell a starter kit to people so they can grow fungi at home.

Jaakko Halmetoja - wrote the book on chaga.  Literally he has an incredible popular book on Finland's most important medicinal mushroom.  He paved the way and popularized mushrooms here in Finland to a wide audience.

Suomen Sieniseura ry - started as an organization to help people get food from the forest during famine times, but now it is the main driving force behind mushroom hunting education. 

KÄÄPÄ Health - Yes us.  We are pushing the quality and standards on medicinal mushrooms for the EU and US markets.  Applying extracted mushroom compounds to improve and hack human health is our mission.

Saara Alhopuro  - is making incredible works of art with mushrooms in the wild Finnish nature.  Truly inspiring creations!


The following mushrooms are included in the drawing on the t-shirt.  The drawing was done by our own in house graphic designer - Meri Qvist!


Chaga // Pakurikääpä 

Inonotus obliquus


Lion’s Mane // Siiliorakas

Hericium erinaceus



Cordyceps militaris


Reishi // Lakkakääpä 

Ganoderma lucidum


Truffle // Tryffeli

Tuber uncinatum

Turkey Tail // Silkkivyökääpä 

Trametes versicolor

Matsutake // Männyntuoksuvalmuska 

Tricholoma matsutake


Maitake // Koppelokääpä 

Grifola frondosa

Shiitake // Siitake  

Lentinula edodes

Button mushroom // Herkkusieni

Agaricus bisporus

Shaggy mane // Suomumustesieni 

Coprinus comatus

Parasol mushroom // Ukonsieni 

Macrolepiota procera

Chanterelle // Kanttarelli

Cantharellus cibarius

Coral Mushroom

Ramaria aurea

Sheathed Woodtuft // koivunkantosieni 

Kuehneromyces mutabilis 

Shingled Hedgehog // Kuusensuomuorakas 

Sarcodon imbricatus

Black Chanterelle //  Mustatorvisieni  

Craterellus cornucopioides

Orange Birch Bolete // Koivunpunikkitatti 

Leccinum versipelle

Yellow Foot // Kosteikkovahvero 

Craterellus lutescens

Funnel Chanterelle // Suppilovahvero

Craterellus tubaeformis

Porcini // Herkkutatti 

Boletus edulis 

Oyster Mushroom // Osterivinokas 

Pleurotus ostreatus